Raising the bar for BCS nightlife

Hops started in 2017 as an idea to bring bar-goers closer to their favorite drinkeries. We’ve since dedicated Hops to three main purposes: We empower bars & nightclubs to serve their customers outside of the venue — make the nightlife experience seamless and rewarding — promote drinking responsibly and individual safety.

Meet the Hops team

With a combined 12 years of experience in programming, and 4 years of experience bar hopping (0 for Noah), our team’s unique vision and entrepreneurial spirit has combined the two things we love most to create a platform that brings a new way to navigate nightlife for bars and users alike.

Ryan Boerner

Founder - Software Development

Noah Shafer

Co-founder - Product Development

Contacting us

We are working to make the best community management platform for bars and nightclubs. We also want to make finding these places easy and fun through our mobile app. Let us know how we can find your bar or if you want to help us in our mission.


[email protected]