The Difference

Owning and managing a bar comes with a unique set of challenges. We understand that, and we’re here to help. We especially designed our app with the challenges of managing your online presence in mind. Just see how Hops can help your day to day run smoother.

Just a few of the problems

Before using Hops

All the right info…

The internet is rife with misinformation and outdated schedules. There is no way of guaranteeing that the details your customers are finding online are up to date! This can often lead to confusion between staff and customers.

This Post Sure Got a Lot of Likes…

You’re blowing up on social media! Your messaging could be getting out there, but are the people sharing your posts actually coming in? There’s no way of knowing how many people came in because of your online marketing.

Sorry to bother you…

Let’s face it, most people log in to facebook and instagram for their friends and family. While you might catch their eye, other platforms just don’t cater to the active bar seeker.

Wait, What’s the Password…

Having to keep up with who has which password to which social media site can be a hassle.  Employees come and go, and changing login in information all the time just gets confusing! Wishing there were an easier way to manage your social media presence?

Good to see you…

Your regulars have personality to spare! Some have gotten pretty popular, maybe an influencer is amongst their midsts…

Who’s that knocking…

Vendors can show at any time, and occasionally, they bring once in a lifetime specials with them! Or maybe you just need to turn Tuesday into Payday. Sometimes it’s hard to reach the right people with little prior notice.

And then After

…All in one place.

Your bar’s information is managed from a single app. When you want to announce your weekly specials and pint nights, they will be broadcasted on your most popular social media platforms. No one has to wonder if Bar Trivia is still on Thursday night!

..But did it even work?

You have reliable information on who interacts with your posts and who visits your establishment later! You never have to guess at how effective your advertising is at converting users into customers. Prost!

…But now that I have your attention…

Your bar is the focal point of an entire social media platform. Users that find your content are looking for one thing – you!

…Oh That’s Right

Employees have their own username and password, and all you have to do is add them to the list of approved editors. Now they can post to any of your social media sites from one page, without having to log out of Instagram!

…This one’s on the house.

You can directly interact with your fans on a user by user basis. When your most influential followers are doing numbers online, so are you!


You can reach your target audience with the push of a button, and let them know that the deals they want are available now! You never miss the chance to advertise your spur the moment specials.