Community Guidelines

In Summary

Hops was initially built to make the nightlife experience more seamless and rewarding. As we build out features, users will have more and more opportunity to interact with each other so we ask that Hops users respect each other and the bar members on our platform. We also ask that all posted content is owned by the originating source and that all laws are followed when posting content. If you believe there is app content that is wrong or offensive, please reach out to us.

Our Guidelines

With more and more social features being added to our platform, we designed these community guidelines to support and protect the Hops community – all Hops users should be respected.

Venue Content

Bars and clubs should be posting original and authentic content. Any photos of drinks, advertisements, or the bar itself should be owned by the bar. In addition, advertisements posted should not contain any nudity with the exception of content that includes artistic items like sculptures. The Hops team has the authority to remove content that may be offensive for this reason.


Restrictions against hate speech..etc

Meaningful Content

Repeated posts and spam ..


Members with each other across our chat platform and interactions between Hops users and Bar members.