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The Best Bar Database of all Time

We are creating the best database for information on local bars and the nightlife scene in general. Currently, we are collecting information on bars in College Station and Austin.

Our goal is to provide users with the most helpful information about the nightlife in their area

Nightlife Discovery

Find all the bars and clubs in your area and filter them by the details that matter. Also discover local events such as live music and competitions.

Exclusive Deals & Events

Stay updated in real-time on the deals and specials offered by the bars around you. Bars and nightclubs can post their best promotions and events.

Group Safety

Friends have the ability to “squad up” to keep tabs on each other throughout the night. Squads can track the hops and location of its members and let the others know when they get home safely!

Use Hops Today!

App Available for iOS

We have released our first version of Hops in the iOS App Store. We’re now working on fitting the product to our market and making Hops the best app for starting out the night. We always accepting special and event requests through the app too!

Hops for Android is in the works and we should be releasing our first version in a couple months!

Stay updated with our

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